Announcing Teachers College Reading and Writing Project + Littera Education Partnership

Announcing Teachers College Reading and Writing Project + Littera Education Partnership


August 10, 2021

Sound the trumpets! I am delighted to announce that for the first time in our 40-year history, the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has established an official partnership with a sister organization. We are proud to announce we are joining forces with Littera. Together we stand ready to provide young learners with the state-of-the-art tutoring that they deserve. 

 We're taking this bold step in an effort to provide children - many of whom received chaotic and fragmented schooling last year - with the personalized and responsive support they need in the years ahead. Frequent, research-based, one-to-one, responsive tutoring is the single best way to accelerate a child's learning curve, and so we have pulled out all stops to help school districts provide children with literacy enrichment.


The TCRWP curriculum aims to:

  • Place the social and emotional health of students front and center, prioritizing the connection between the tutor and the child. As educators, we know that nothing is more effective for transformative growth and learning than the bond between instructor and learners. 
  • Immerse students in engaging and explicit instruction. We have created three pathways of instruction to support students’ reading development: Foundational Reading, Fiction Reading, and Nonfiction Reading. Pathways geared towards writing support and phonics instruction for upper-grade students will be coming soon. 
  • Support and educate tutors by providing state of the art training, designed and provided by Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. This training is available to all schools and districts that are interested in training their community members to become more skilled as tutors. Whether schools invite paraprofessionals, school aides, out-of-classroom teachers, literacy coaches, or family members, this comprehensive tutor training helps to build capacity and community. 

TCRWP chose Littera as our partner in this effort because they are able to provide streamlined, accessible, scalable technology to make high-dosage tutoring on a large scale manageable. The best tutoring curriculum in the world is only as good as the system that enables already overwhelmed school systems to actually pull this off, and anyone who has supported school reform knows that it is no small thing to recruit tutors and match them to tutees, to schedule sessions, deploy curriculum, track progress and attendance, and to communicate with teachers, families and district administrators.  

How grateful TCRWP is that this partnership allows us to keep our focus where it belongs - helping paraprofessionals, parents, literacy coaches, classroom teachers, even older students to provide personalized, responsive, loving tutoring to youngsters who are so ready to learn, so ready for the support.  

Drawing on our deep history as a world-renowned provider of curriculum and of professional development in literacy and on five years of success leading Reading Rescue, a tutoring program that enabled parent volunteers and paraprofessionals to provide high-dosage phonics-based tutoring to young children, we've developed a K-6 tutorial curriculum that we are proud of and excited to share with the literacy community. We feel certain this accessible, assessment-based, child-friendly curriculum will make all the difference in young readers' lives. 

Summer has turned that corner, and we are once again counting the days until the school doors open wide and we all gather once again. The butterflies that so many of us feel each year are intensified this year. We've never been so glad at the thought of a new year, nor as focused on doing everything possible to truly rise to meet the challenges ahead. For starters, let’s provide every learner who needs this with deeply responsive, goal-driven, and joyful one-to-one or small group support.

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