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Add a Caring Tutor to a Proven ELA & Math Intervention

What happens when you add the care and attention of a tutor to an ESSA tier 2 intervention? Students make even more improvement.

Assessment-driven instruction

An initial diagnostic places students into a personalized learning path to explore each new skill sequentially using a lesson, practice, then quiz.

Content to motivate all ages

Exact Path uses high-quality, rich multimedia curriculum to engage students and meets learners at their appropriate age and developmental level with different content styles for K-2,
3-5, and 6-12 students.

Better outcomes

Third-party evidence (ESSA) confirms students show "statistically significant" improvement using Exact Path. They see even better outcomes when they work through Exact Path lessons with the help of a tutor.

3 options for where to begin

After deciding students' starting points, whether by diagnostic or by targeting specific skills, we'll assign students to 1:1 or small-group sessions.

Exact Path Diagnostic

Valid and reliable built-in assessments generate individualized learning paths where students are ready to learn.

Integrated Assessments

Integrate your NWEA MAP Growth or Renaissance Star data to automatically create individualized learning paths.

Choose Targeted Skills

Build custom online assignments to support specific skills from Exact Path's learning progressions or from your state's standards.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how Littera can help you design and deliver tutoring that fits your district.