Accelerate Math Achievement in
Middle & High School

Schools that provide Saga Education’s Level 1 ESSA-rated math tutoring significantly improve student achievement.

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Saga students gain up to 2.5 years of additional math learning per year. They improve their standardized test scores, and earn higher math and non-math GPAs than their non-Saga peers.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, based on a 5,000 student program in Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

Flexible Delivery Options

Launch a high-dosage math tutoring program that best fits the needs of your school, district and students.

Enterprise Platform

Use district teachers as tutors

Deliver tutoring virtually or in-person

Online Service

Designed in collaboration with districts and supported by Littera team

Tutoring is provided by vetted, high-quality Littera tutors

Two students lying down in front of a laptop and pointing at it.

Aligns with Existing Curriculum

Standards-based lessons support classroom instruction and align with pacing.

Sessions begin with a check for background skills.

Tutors differentiate learning for students at all levels.

Scheduling and Logistics

Students receive tutoring 3 to 5 times per week in small groups of 2 or 3.

The best results happen when tutoring is during or attached to the school day. Littera's Design Services Team will help with scheduling and logistics.

A screenshot of Littera virtual tutoring experience showing a student and a tutor as well as learning material.

Virtual Tutoring Experience

Littera tutors are rigorously vetted, including a background check, and thoroughly trained on the Saga math curriculum.

Live video, whiteboard, and chat provide an authentic learning environment.

Consistent tutor-student pairings provide the best opportunity for sustained growth.

A dashboard showing program’s participants, tutors, and sessions.

Real-Time Data Dashboard

The platform contains a robust reporting dashboard, allowing for complete visibility into each program’s participants, tutors, and sessions.

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