One Platform to Manage All of Your District's Tutoring Needs

The Littera Academic Support Platform

Design Your Program

Deliver Impactful Tutoring

Monitor Program Progress

The Academic Support Platform provides a single interface to manage tutoring programs in your district.

Design Your Program

The platform makes it easy to design ELA and math tutoring programs, including control over session length, frequency, tutor options and content.

Deliver Impactful Tutoring

The platform automates all the scheduling and logistics associated with the delivery of tutoring sessions. Sessions can occur online in the Littera platform with live audio/video or in person.

Monitor Program Progress

The platform captures feedback and details from every session and provides classroom teachers and administrators the data they need to track attendance, tutor ratings, and more.

A screenshot of Littera software showcasing the active programs interface.

Tutoring Program Managers

Littera automates the labor-intensive processes of running tutoring programs.  Program Managers can instead focus on designing programs to support the needs of different grade levels and subject areas, and track the usage and progress of the students.

A screenshot of Littera software showcasing the students interface.


Deliver the academic support that students need, integrated with the school experience they already know. The platform ensures that a student's tutoring experience is connected to the classroom.

A screenshot of Littera software showcasing the teachers interface.


The Littera platform enables classroom educators to assign tutoring sessions directly from standard classroom tools (like your district LMS). Teachers, who know students best, are empowered to define the focus of tutoring sessions and then get feedback from tutors and students.

A screenshot of Littera software showcasing the data insights interface.

Accountability and Data Teams

The Littera platform captures feedback and data from your district tutoring programs. Tutoring data can then be ingested into district analytics tools to help measure program impact.

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