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Littera Summer Reading Academies

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Littera Summer Reading Academies

Learning to read by third-grade leads is critical for academic success. Recent data indicate that over 1-in-3 students are now in need of intensive reading support.

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Six-week structured program

Programs delivered virtually by Littera’s well trained and vetted tutors

High-dosage, one-to-one or small group instruction

Comprehensive K-6 curriculum

Based on district assessment data

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Highly Trained Tutors

Our tutors go through a rigorous vetting, testing, and training process on their way to becoming a Littera tutor.

Each student is paired with a Littera tutor for all sessions.

Live audio and video user experience

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Comprehensive K-6 Literacy Curriculum

The program contains hundreds of engaging tutoring lessons, ranging from foundational phonics skills development to fiction and non-fiction reading comprehension.
The program includes all of the decodable texts and level texts used in the curriculum.

Proven Results

“56% of tutoring students showed greater than half a year’s growth (compared with 46% in the entire district), and 30% grew by greater than a full year (compared to 22% for the entire district).”

Why High-Dosage Tutoring?

Tutoring research indicates that only well-designed, high-dosage models, when implemented correctly, produce exceptional academic gains for students.

Littera enables you to execute the most effective designs, controlling frequency, group size, personnel, curriculum, and delivering consistent tutor-student relationships.

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District Data Dashboard

Perhaps most importantly, the platform contains a robust data dashboard, allowing for complete visibility of the efficacy of each program and session in one place.

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