What is high-dosage tutoring?

High-dosage tutoring accelerates learning, quantifies impact, and builds equity.

High-dosage tutoring is the most effective model for accelerating student learning. Littera makes it easier than ever for K-12 schools to execute high- impact, high-dosage tutoring.

Traditional Tutoring SolutionsFocused on selling as many tutoring hours as possibleFixed delivery, students text chat with online tutorsDisconnected from district data and instructional strategyLittera Academic SupportPersonalized and comprehensive academic support customized to your district's requirementsHigh-dosage tutoring delivered online or in-school, using your own staff as tutors or live audio/video with Littera tutorsIntegrated with district strategy, data, and teams

Innovation Creates The Future The Littera Academic Support Platform

Breakthrough Technology

One platform to design, deliver, and monitor K-12 academic support programs of all shapes and sizes

Personalized Learning

Leverage district data and curriculum to personalize tutoring to the needs of your students

More Integrated, Better Outcomes

Make academic support a core experience in your district’s instructional strategy

Bring Your Own Content, Or Select From Vetted Best-In Class Content

In partnership with Columbia University, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Reading, Literacy, ELA

Newly developed high-dosage tutoring curriculum for accelerating literacy for K-6 students

In partnership with Great Minds

Core Math Skills

Revolutionary math program designed to ensure that students build enduring math knowledge

Bring Your Own Content

Connect your district approved digital curriculum to Littera and tutor off of your district content

Learn more about our grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which helps school districts promote equity through cost-effective tutoring programs

More Data, Better Outcomes

Connect district assessment data to identify students who need tutoring and to support a variety of program models and content. Capture student and tutor feedback, attendance, and dosage data. Connect the dots for schools and teachers to have visibility into tutoring programs executed on the platform.

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