High-quality tutoring for every student who needs it

Littera can help bring your district’s academic support vision to life with one easy-to-use platform.

Littera + Saga Education Partnership
Littera + Saga Education Partnership
We're pleased to announce a new partnership with Saga Education for high-dosage math tutoring!
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Meet the Needs of Every Student

The Littera platform has the flexibility to support your district's unique academic support requirements.

Align with Core Content

Tutoring in early literacy and middle school math has the greatest impact on student learning. That’s why Littera offers ELA and math content that connects with classroom instruction. Prefer we use your existing curriculum? We can do that, too.

Tutor Virtually or In Person

Littera is the only platform that supports in-person and video tutoring, or a mix of both. We provide highly-trained, background-checked virtual tutors to help you reach more students at once.

Simplify Scheduling & Reporting

Littera dramatically reduces the work involved in program management, automating scheduling, tutor-student matching, communications, and program reporting.

Tutoring—defined here as one-on-one or small-group instructional programming—is one of the most versatile and potentially transformative educational tools in use today.

The Impressive Effects of Tutoring on PreK-12 Learning: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence

Andre Nickow, Philip Oreopoulos & Vincent Quan National Bureau of Economic Research

Make 1:1 or small group tutoring a part of every student’s experience.

Middle School Math

Because Algebra I performance is a strong predictor of graduation rate, districts are choosing to pre-teach and/or reteach 6th and 7th grade math skills in preparation.

K-6 English Language Arts

Choose from three instructional pathways (foundational, fiction, or non-fiction) based on student reading levels.

A dashboard showing program’s participants, tutors, and sessions.
A screenshot of Littera software showcasing dashboard page.

Manage Quality and Costs

Littera helps schools and districts realize the benefits of tutoring while managing costs. You set the frequency of support, define the tutor-to-student ratio, and choose the profile of tutors.  Use Littera dashboards to ensure your program stays on track and on budget.

Provide the right tutor, focused on the right content, for the students who need it most.

Use district assessment data to select students

Students already take assessments throughout the year. Littera lets you use your data and set your own thresholds to determine which students would benefit from academic support.

Ease the burden on teachers

Teachers know when a student needs extra help. Littera eases the pressure on classroom teachers by enabling them to easily request online tutoring support for their students who need it.

Address historical inequities

Tutoring provides the opportunity to prioritize students who have fallen the most behind, and those who lacked quality academic support during the pandemic.

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