High-quality tutoring for every student who needs it

Littera can help bring your district’s academic support vision to life with one easy-to-use platform.

Keep The Money Close To Students
Keep The Money Close To Students
Some communities are requiring districts to track spending decisions and prioritize accelerated learning for their students through high-dosage tutoring.
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Littera Education Receives Gates Foundation Grant to Help School Districts Promote Equity Through Cost-Effective Tutoring Programs

Introducing the Academic Support Platform

The first software platform designed to help K-12 schools and districts design, deliver, and monitor their own tutoring programs.

Make Tutoring An Extension of School

The Littera platform has the flexibility to support any district's academic support and tutoring requirements including allowing districts to use their own data, curriculum and content to make sure tutoring has the greatest impact.

Scale To Fit Needs Of Every Student

Littera dramatically reduces the work involved in program management, automating scheduling, tutor-student matching, communications, and program reporting.

Empower Your Teachers

Teachers know when a student needs extra help. Littera extends the reach of classroom teachers by enabling them to easily request online tutoring support for their students who need it.

Let’s say we knew that tutoring was the best hope in the world. We’d still need to get that tutoring model, that effective thing, into the hands of educators who needed it ..... and implementation is a huge, huge challenge in education.

Christian Science Monitor, March 16, 2021

David Hersh, Director of Proving Ground, Center for Educational Research, Harvard University

Effective, high-dosage tutoring can be part of every student’s experience.

Accelerate Learning

Littera enables districts to use data to focus academic efforts in order to address unfinished learning.

Provide Equitable Support

District-managed tutoring programs ensure that academic support goes to the students who need it most.

Manage Quality and Costs

Littera lets K-12 schools and districts realize the benefits of tutoring while effectively managing costs. Set the frequency of support. Define the tutor-to-student ratio and profile of tutors. Use Littera to ensure that your program stays on track and on budget.

Provide the right tutor, focused on the right content, for the students who need it most.

Assign your own tutors or use ours

Deploy the right teachers and tutors based on the programs you design. Littera enables districts to flexibly use tutoring teams comprised of teachers, interventionists, paraprofessionals, student peers or Littera provided tutors.

Tutor from your core content

Littera connects the online tutoring sessions to a district's digital curriculum, so tutors are working from vetted materials covering the right content and at the right depth of knowledge.

Use district assessment data to identify students for tutoring

Students already take assessments throughout the year. Littera lets you use your own data and set your own thresholds to determine which students would benefit from academic support.

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