Every student deserves the care and attention of a great tutor.

A shared passion for student success

Our team represents decades of experience in education technology and tutoring services. We feel a deep responsibility for ensuring that our services help students realize their full potential.

Why we started Littera

The COVID-19 epidemic exacerbated the longstanding disparities in educational opportunity for kids along racial and socioeconomic lines. The data bears out the terrible impact–slow, hard-earned gains in achievement wiped out in a matter of months.

Littera is a reflection of our founder’s work serving both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum: first, running large-scale operations in a high-quality tutoring business designed for families that could afford it, and later leading a PD business that almost exclusively served Title I schools.

To address the unprecedented magnitude of the problem, Littera is building a tech-enabled system that allows school districts and supporting organizations to customize, provide and sustain high-impact tutoring programs. When schools can ensure that every student gets the support of a great tutor, reliably and sustainably, the progress we’ll see will be just as unprecedented as the challenges we’ve just experienced.

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We're looking for passionate and driven self-starters to join us in our mission to enable equitable, high-impact tutoring for every student.

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