All students deserve high-quality tutoring support to help them achieve their academic potential.

Our team is passionate about student success.

Our team represents decades of experience in education technology and tutoring services. We believe that every student deserves high-quality academic support specific to their needs. We are committed to our clients’ success and feel a deep responsibility for ensuring that our  services help students realize their full potential.

Why We Started Littera

The COVID-19 epidemic highlighted and exacerbated the longstanding and systemic disparities in educational opportunity for kids along racial and socioeconomic lines. But with this incredibly strange and troubled time comes an opportunity to leap forward on supporting all students’ individual academic needs.

We started Littera to enable equitable, high-quality, and cost-effective academic support for schools and districts of all sizes. We support the delivery of individual and small group sessions and leverage the data, curriculum, and technology districts already use.

Littera draws upon founder Justin Serrano’s experiences in the tutoring industry, running a professional learning business supporting Title I schools, and, most recently, in ed-tech leadership roles in large-scale assessment and learning management system companies. We also draw on his experience with his own children throughout the pandemic, their need for additional support, and his commitment to providing that support to all students.

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