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Tutoring management made easy

The Littera Tutoring Management System (TMS) makes it easier than ever to provide tutoring to many students, either online or in person.

It connects the most important elements–students, tutors, data and curriculum–into one centralized system.

Focus less on spreadsheets, and more on student achievement

Littera’s platform and tutor app...ensure that tutoring is delivered on the right skills and in sufficient dosage to have the biggest impact for students.

John-Paul Smith

Executive Director, North Carolina Education Corps

Reach more students with technology integrations

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Easy to access

With single-sign-on, students, school staff, and administrators access Littera just like they do other applications.

Rostering selection within Littera TMS

Simple student rostering

Our TMS supports Clever and Classlink integrations to quickly and securely manage student rostering for tutoring programs.

Save time with tools in one place

The TMS automates scheduling, simplifies student: tutor matching, integrates curriculum, provides real-time data, and includes a mobile app to document in-person sessions.

Screenshot showing overview of the Littera TMS


Tutors and students meet in a secure virtual classroom with embedded lessons, live audio/video, and an interactive whiteboard.


Because all steps of a lesson take place in the TMS, you see everything in one place: from the total number of hours of tutoring to the exact content used in a student's session.

Embed any content you choose


Screenshot of integrated curriculum folders

Add your own curriculum

We can integrate any LTI-compliant content, online or in person. Littera is curriculum-agnostic.

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Choose from our curriculum integrations

For districts seeking full-service virtual tutoring, we offer existing reading and math content from market-leading providers.

Screen showing tutor feedback in the Littera TMS

Review tutor feedback

As tutors log session feedback and skills progression, you can monitor the progress of students in real-time.

Screenshot of the Littera mobile app


In-person tutors use the mobile app to mark attendance, log feedback, and track skill progression.

You can customize questions and skills to align to your district's tracking and curriculum model.

Stressed woman at laptop

Running in-person tutoring?

Bulk upload 100s of tutor profiles at a time

Profiles specify credentials, subjects, grades, and availability

Students and tutors are matched based on shared schedules and skills

Specify tutoring frequency, intensity, and duration

View student ratings of tutoring sessions

Assess progress across several districts and programs at once

"We greatly benefitted from Dr. Wilson’s design services. Her suggestions on the best ways to implement a high-quality tutoring program resulted in significant academic achievement gains for our students."
Brenda Lewis, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

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