HB 4545 Requirements Can Feel Overwhelming

HB 4545 Requirements Can Feel Overwhelming


Fresh from a year spent ensuring the safety of students, as a district leader you and your colleague districts across Texas are now faced with the additional challenge of mitigating unfinished learning in students from the last year of COVID. 

The work directed by HB 4545 is in addition to what districts and campuses all over the state do annually - make certain that students who struggle, who may be in higher tiers of the RTI process, special education, or who have other needs get the just-in-time (rather than just-in-case) instructional support they deserve to be successful. 

The mandate to offer high-dosage, and equally important, high-impact small group tutoring (in groups no larger than 3:1) for up to 60 additional hours for students not previously successful on the prior year’s STAAR test in reading and math is an opportunity for districts to support those students at their point of need. To meet TEA’s recommendation for high-impact tutoring best practices it would be an even larger investment, as they recommend 90 minutes per week, preferably in three weekly increments. 

Doing that level of work comes with a real and layered cost: the cost of time, the strain on staff, and scheduling and tracking tutors, students, and progress towards instructional goals. 

Finding the time and pathways to deliver supplemental instruction, such as tutoring, to meet the requirements of HB 4545, whether before/after school or embedded in the school day, requires a great deal of effort and imagination to do. Imagine if you had meaningful help in that; what would that support for you and your team feel like?

What You Do Best

You’re an expert in educating your students daily, meeting their needs for differentiation and providing excellent instruction, (in Tier One and beyond), and ensuring that all TEKS are met and students are prepared. 

Beyond that, you build meaningful relationships with your students, knowing them and using your considerable expertise and district-generated data to know just when to provide extended support in tutorials and what tools can help them make those gains. 

In doing that, you’re often faced with constraints on your abilities to lead those things that you’re so passionate about and gifted in, things that draw you into the work of changing student’s lives and outcomes daily.

What We Do Best

At Littera, we believe that tutoring should be a seamless part of a child’s learning experience, designed to maximize the work that they’re already doing in the classroom. We believe that it should be aligned to the TEKS and delivered by high-quality instructors, either district staff or our own Littera tutors, who are certified in their subject fields and have passed a rigorous background check, to make real connections with students. We believe district educators should have the ability to make decisions about student performance and continuing needs in real-time and make adjustments seamlessly to ensure that students who show mastery can be supported differently, while those students who need additional time or more intensive support can be quickly identified and their needs met. 

That’s what we believe, and that’s what we do.

Built by decades of experience working with districts and schools across the country and in Texas, our Littera team has created a learning environment for tutoring to meet the needs of students, teachers, and administrators alike. 

Working side-by-side with you to design as many tutorial programs as you need, each designed to meet the needs of the small groups that HB 4545 mandates, we’ve created a next-generation learning space and management platform that supports you in providing TEKS aligned tutorials that use your tools (curriculum and staff) to help the students that need you the most. For districts that prefer the immediacy of face-to-face tutorials, you’re fully supported as well, with tools that are aligned to the needs of in-person sessions. 

Throughout the tutorial pathway, you’re always in control and can monitor the students’ progress in near-real-time, allowing you to make instructional decisions that promote equity and progress for all students. 

In a time like this, having a trusted partner to help you plan your pathway to HB 4545 implementation, execution, and documentation that can do so all in one place, and helps you take the fullest advantage of the resources you’ve already invested in isn’t a luxury. With our experience and passion for tutoring, reaching out to us to schedule a planning session has never been easier. 

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