Success Stories

Districts and nonprofits are partnering with Littera to drive better outcomes for students.

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Data-Driven, Personalized Tutoring Helps Students Improve Academic Growth and Confidence in North Dakota District

In 2022, Grand Forks Public Schools (GFPS) partnered with Littera Education to design a high-impact tutoring program that would work within the district’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Throughout this process, Grand Forks administrators were supported in transforming their data into actionable insights to create tutoring programs that are personalized to each student’s needs.

Las Lomitas School District logo
Las Lomitas School District logo

Small, Two-School District Delivers High-Impact Tutoring Before and After School

“It would not have been possible to provide tutoring without Littera,” said Potts. “In a small district like ours, there is no way I could have found 25 or 30 individuals to do 1:1 tutoring at the same time. With the current labor shortage in education, it is well worth the cost to have the extra support.”


Olson Elementary Achieves Significant Growth in Reading by Customizing Tutoring to Student Learning Goals

“With Littera, we’re able to serve more students and at a much higher quality than ever before,” said Principal Drew Coleman.

I will miss you, and you are the BEST teacher in the world!


Note to tutor at the end of the school year

He has grown from a level S at the beginning of the year to a level X!!!! That is a 5 level jump! I couldn't be more proud of him and all the hard work he put into tutoring. It has definitely paid off because students normally don't make that kind of growth in a year.


Note to parent

I want to let you know that [student] started the algebra lessons last week and she is loving it. I love to see her smile after doing algebra!


Note to principal