Littera Education Presenting At ISTE 2021 Conference

Littera Education Presenting At ISTE 2021 Conference


The annual ISTE conference has always been an important opportunity for K-12 leaders to learn about new innovations in technology.  More importantly, attendees of the ISTE Conference always discover new approaches that can make teaching and learning more effective for students everywhere.

Like everything else in K-12 education, ISTE this year is different. For the second straight year, the event will be virtual. Littera decided to sponsor ISTE because we believe strongly in the purpose of the organization in helping teachers improve their skills and maximize the impact that educators can bring to their communities.

Littera is presenting two sessions at ISTE this year, and if you are attending the conference and joining our sessions, we believe that you will find them insightful and true to the ISTE conference’s mission of leveraging technology to drive academic achievement for K-12 students. 

Littera Education launched in the fall of 2020 with a simple idea: all students deserve high-quality tutoring support to help them achieve their academic potential. Littera’s CEO and Founder, Justin Serrano will deliver a 30-minute presentation on Tuesday, June 29th at 2 PM entitled Tutoring From The Core: Connecting Academic Support Programs To District Instruction.  The presentation will illustrate why high-quality tutoring programs must be designed to integrate with the people, process, and tools your district already uses, why tutoring should be a seamless extension of your instructional strategy, and how academic support platforms like Littera are enabling this next generation of tutoring in K-12 schools.


In the second presentation we decided to take a different approach, we reached out to our network of district leaders for ideas on presenting, not on our behalf, but instead to provide a real-world example of district leaders leveraging technology to improve outcomes in their community.

We are so excited to share that Dr. Jack Smith, the recently retired Superintendent of Schools for Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland, will present on The Data Organization, Information into Action on Monday, June 28, 2:30 – 3 p.m.

This presentation led by Dr. Smith is a discussion on why educators need data to intervene as a means of ensuring that each and every student is prepared for the next grade level.  The post-COVID-19 pandemic era is a time when students need high-quality curriculum, acceleration rather than remediation, and a custom fit plan to ensure levels of academic progress commensurate with grade level or course placement so students are on track to be college and career ready. 

Attention to data details can provide the answer to the question, “What are the impacts of COVID-19 on student learning, and are our strategies to mitigate the impacts working and for whom are they working?”


Our team hopes that those that are attending the conference have an opportunity to stop by these virtual sessions. Also, we hope that all attendees get that spark of innovation at  ISTE that will make the 2021-2022 school year as impactful as possible.

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