North Carolina Education Corps and Littera Education Partner to Improve Reading Achievement for North Carolina K-3 Students

North Carolina Education Corps and Littera Education Partner to Improve Reading Achievement for North Carolina K-3 Students


Tutoring platform and app will support program delivery and data collection 

New York June 28, 2022 ⎯ The North Carolina Education Corps (NCEC) will partner with  Littera Education to support and improve reading outcomes for thousands of North Carolina  students who need to get back on track after more than two years of learning interruptions.  

Launched as a joint project of the North Carolina State Board of Education and the Office of the  Governor as a response to the pandemic, NCEC now works with state-level agencies and local  school districts as an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit to recruit, train and support part-time  literacy tutors. This year, Corps members will deliver high-impact tutoring to K-3 students in over  30 districts and charter organizations throughout North Carolina. 

The partnership with Littera will give NCEC unmatched ability to track and assess the  instruction. Littera’s Academic Support Platform simplifies scheduling and matching tutors with  students; it also enables easy data aggregation, including what skills students covered and the  length of sessions. A new mobile app allows tutors to instantly log feedback and session data  from their phones, giving program coordinators continuous feedback as they support over 500  Corps members serving students across the state. 

“Littera’s platform and tutor app are going to enable us and our district partners to ensure that  tutoring is delivered on the right skills and in sufficient dosage to have the biggest impact for  students,” said NCEC Executive Director John-Paul Smith. “Continuous feedback from tutors  will inform our ongoing tutor training and development efforts.” 

Littera’s mission is to enable organizations like NCEC and school districts to execute high impact tutoring aligned to a district’s core instructional model. Founder and Chief Executive  Officer Justin Serrano, a veteran of educational technology development, envisioned the  platform to make research-proven, high-dosage tutoring affordable and available to all children  who need it — not just for those who could afford to buy it outside of school. 

“Littera’s purpose is to make high-impact tutoring available to students who need it most,”  Serrano said. “NCEC is tackling the difficult human capital side of the equation, while we bring a  modern technology solution to simplify and support their efforts to scale and measure program  outcomes.”

About the North Carolina Education Corps 

The North Carolina State Board of Education and the Office of the Governor, in partnership with  former state superintendent Mike Ward and local school districts, launched NCEC to accelerate  learning recovery. NCEC now operates as an independent nonprofit organizations. Additional  support comes from the North Carolina General Assembly, Mebane Foundation, C.D. Spangler  Foundation, SECU Foundation and the Goodnight Educational Foundation. For more  information, visit 

About Littera 

Littera Education is transforming academic support by enabling districts to make high-quality,  cost-effective tutoring accessible to all students, including those who need it most. The Littera  platform ensures that tutoring is a seamless extension of a school district’s in-class instruction,  curriculum and assessments. Through Littera, academic support is in reach of everyone. For  more information, visit 


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