Tutoring is a People-Powered Intervention

Tutoring is a People-Powered Intervention


The Human Connection Makes the Difference

As schools strive to implement their multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), they may be tempted to use automated, adaptive platforms to try to close learning gaps and remediate learning loss–which often ignores the all-important human element.

Every educator knows a great curriculum only comes alive with a talented teacher. The same is true for any of these adaptive programs. A person to not only deliver that content, but to make the student care about learning the content, can make all the difference. So we ask ourselves:

Do online programs for elementary students work when we sit the student in front of a computer and turn them loose?

Do computerized reading and math intervention programs perform miracles on their own?

Most educators would agree: There must be a human there to answer questions, encourage focus, and help guide students through any confusion. Human connections should be empowered by technology, not an accident or an afterthought.

Our Purpose is People, Not Widgets

The vast majority of administrators surveyed in a recent report agree: When we talk about personalizing the learning process for students, we’re focusing way too much on the technology as an end in and of itself as opposed to having the edtech serve as a conduit for the relationship between adults and students.

Learning is not a coldly formulaic input/output process. People are always the most important resource in education, and interpersonal connections are paramount. Tutoring represents that connection in one of its purest forms: a caring adult, a motivated student, and meaningful progress toward defined learning objectives. It’s a people-powered intervention.

Follow the Research...and Your Gut

The research is definitive: A combination of individualized support and mentorship embedded within high-dosage, high-impact tutoring is the best way to help students. Your intuition tells you the same thing because you know the feeling you get when you see connections being made between caring adults and students, connections that aren’t possible through technology alone. Embrace tutoring, the people-powered intervention, by empowering people–and watch your students thrive.

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