How Does Tutoring Bring Parents And Teachers Together?

How Does Tutoring Bring Parents And Teachers Together?


Rightly, parents believe we know what’s best for our children. We know them better than anyone else and are wholly responsible for their health and growth. When they come home with a challenge at school, it’s a reflection of who we are and what we know about them (and some assumptions we have to make along the way). Parents are the drivers of their child’s success. There are undeniable factors (for example, equitable access to the right resources) that accelerate that growth.

Teachers and parents are - together - pushing the same boulder down the same hill for the same reasons, and as fast and with as much effort as we can. The student needs us; our son or daughter needs us. We can give them the best possible chance - the chance that we were all given - while understanding one another better.

Teachers Are Parents

Teachers are experiencing an ever-evolving wave of policies and class sizes. Learning must prevail amid this new fluid environment, which none of them signed up for. Navigating the day’s remote list and in-person attendance while staying healthy and excitable requires both a deep breath before beginning instruction with a smile and a continued return to the mission, that they’re there to change the world and create a better tomorrow one student at a time. They also know our children well and work with their unique needs to give them the best education they can, while bridging gaps that may exist from learning disruption.

When the school day ends, there is a litany of classroom responsibilities and for many, children of their own. Grading the day’s work, providing feedback, and prepping for tomorrow does not stave off today’s needs - dinner, bath time, or helping our own kids with their homework.

Parents Are Teachers

Parents are wired for our gut to be undefeated throughout each day. Not every choice we make for our children is entirely evidence-based or data-driven, but we live with those decisions and in most cases, with very little friction. Being a parent means growing and trying to be a better person tomorrow than you were today with intentionality.

We bloom where we’re planted, and ideally, that’s in the light with a rich foundation beneath us. Fred Rogers believed that “whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world.” The rich soil beneath our children’s feet, comprised of reflections of our own upbringing and education and those around us, is forever churning and giving new life. Parents aren’t just farmers, we’re teachers, too. Galvanizing both sides around this basic tenet allows for what springs forth from that foundation to be not merely husk and shell, but a living kernel.

Working Together

Great solutions from ordinary people can and do change the world every day. Adaptation has grounded us in stasis, but we’ll have other hills to climb together and that will require the help of more innovation, driven through sustainable bursts of compounding technological advancement.

The future of K-12 academic support is here today. A simplified flow of information from the child to the teacher and parent can foster a great awakening in education, one that unites rather than divides, through a transparent view of how we can help that which is most essential, the child. We can unlock potential only ever dreamed of, personalizing the delivery of academic support on a grand scale.

Gone are the days of the first parent/teacher interaction being anything other than a commitment to a positive, holistic, united mission in providing a baseline level of care and support for that student. Our goal is to help enable a transformational solution for stakeholders that is driven by student progress and needs. Teachers and parents can now together evaluate the model of support the student needs, examine insights into what's working, and ensure they’re on track for college and career readiness.

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