7 Signs a Student is Well-Suited for Tutoring


When should a student start tutoring, and who's an ideal candidate? We’re sharing exactly what we hear from students, parents and educators. Whether you're a parent looking for how to get your child extra help, or you're an educator working with students who are struggling, this list is for you.

Choose the student who…

1. Was performing on grade level before the pandemic

“This program really helped my son advance after the setback of the pandemic in 2020. We are so appreciative that [student] had this opportunity.” - Parent

2. Doesn’t like to speak up in class 

“I want to let you know that [student] started the algebra lessons last week and she is loving it…I love to see her smile after doing Algebra!” - Teacher

3. Has been identified by the teacher as needing extra help 

“I just finished my last reading assessment with [student] and I am so incredibly proud of him!
He has [made] a 5-level jump! He is where we want our outgoing 7th graders and our current
8th graders. I couldn't be more proud of him and all the hard work he put into tutoring.
It has definitely paid off because students normally don't make that kind of growth
in a year.” - Teacher  

4. Has lost motivation because of past struggles

"[Her] parents are reporting that they are seeing her try harder when she is reading with them at home. They attribute her new motivation to her tutoring with Littera in the afternoons." - Teacher

5. Thrives 1:1 or in a small group with an adult

"I will miss you, and you are the BEST teacher in the world!"- Student, at the end of last school year

“Please thank [the tutor] for everything she did to help Andrew! She was amazing and left a long-lasting impact on his life.” -Teacher

“We are 3 weeks into trying this program with a group of kids. The kids LOVE it and the engagement is HIGH! Most of our students are 1:1 and they absolutely love
getting 1:1 attention. ” - Teacher

“We wanted to reach out and tell you how awesome this experience has been for [student] and are truly grateful! The [tutor] is amazing!!“ - Parent

​​6. Gets most or all academic support in school

“As a parent, I understand how expensive it can be to provide 1:1 tutoring for your child. For our school to be able to provide top-quality 1:1 tutoring is something our families are very
thankful for.” -Principal

7. Has asked for tutoring! 

“I love my [tutor]! Can I do this later today too?” - Student

“We have added a student to our Littera roster. He saw the other kids doing it and asked, 'How do I get to do this?'” - District Coordinator

How do you get tutoring at your school?

Of course, all students benefit from individualized support. Some need to move ahead, and some need reinforcement of skills they missed. Either way, Littera can help. We are ready to customize tutoring for your school or district!

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