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Identify and support unfinished learning for kindergarten through Algebra II

Littera now offers high-impact tutoring using Delta Math Curriculum, a Response to Intervention (RtI) Program.

Grade 4 Readiness Standards Delta Math RtI Program
Grade 4 Readiness Standards Delta Math RtI Program

The most important math skills

Delta’s creator–Ottawa Area ISD in Michigan–focuses on 5 to 7 readiness standards for each grade level.  

Based on IES recommendations for tier 2 and 3 instruction, the readiness standards measure learning on number sense, computational fluency for whole numbers, fractions, integers, algebraic expressions, equations, and functions.

Lessons provide systematic and explicit instruction, visual representations of mathematical ideas, and progress monitoring. Students stay motivated through personal goal setting.

Engaging, personalized learning

During live audio/video sessions, tutors deliver lessons based on each student's screener results.

They use virtual manipulatives, activities (e.g., card sorts), and math drawings to keep students engaged, while deepening conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.

More students reaching grade level proficiency

Using Delta Math Curriculum, data trends show that most students with unfinished learning in the fall demonstrate more than one year’s growth by the end of the school year. 

Monitoring student progress

Delta Math has a robust screening and progress monitoring system aligned to each readiness standard it teaches.

Use Screeners

Screeners are used to identify unfinished learning for each readiness standard and to create a personalized learning plan.

Choose Standards

In lieu of screeners, you can use your internal assessment data/teacher feedback to identify standards for students to work on.

Monitor Progress

Tutors provide feedback for each student in each session. Students also complete a quick check, score it themselves, and plot their score on a growth chart. 

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