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Target key math readiness standards for grades K-8 and Algebra I

Delta Math Curriculum, a Response to Intervention (RtI) Program, is now offered through high-impact tutoring with Littera!

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Address gaps in the most important math skills

Delta’s creators–Ottawa Area ISD in Michigan, along with expert consultants–chose 5 to 7 readiness standards for each grade level that are key for success in the next grade level.

Tutors teach each readiness standard using an intervention cycle of 8 lessons.

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Engage students with content just for them

During live audio/video sessions in a secure virtual classroom, tutors select lessons and materials based on each student's screener results. They use a variety of virtual manipulatives and activities (e.g., card sorts) to keep students engaged in learning!

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See more students reach readiness standards

Districts using Delta Math for RtI report high percentages of targeted students meeting expectations on readiness standards.

“There is a large, positive, significant correlation between success in Delta Math and success on the math MEAP (standardized Michigan assessment),” particularly in grades 3-6.

How do you monitor progress?

Delta Math has a robust screening and progress monitoring system aligned to the readiness standards it teaches.

Start with Screeners

Each grade level has four screeners to administer in the fall, winter, spring, and end of the year.

The results show which students need support in each readiness standard for that grade level.

Choose Target Standards

The screeners are not required to implement the program successfully.

You can choose to use internal assessment data/teacher feedback to identify standards for students to work on.

At the End of Each Session

Students take a progress check to assess their understanding at the end of each lesson.

After passing three progress checks, tutors can exit them from that standard, and start them on a new standard as needed.

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