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Littera tutors, trained on Edmentum's high-quality, engaging curriculum, support a wide range of student grades and needs.


Grades K-12

Supports intensive skills recovery in ELA, reading and math.

Acceleration & Test Readiness

Grades 6-12

Keeps students on track with grade-level content in a specific subject.

Credit Recovery

Grades 9-12

Gets students back on track for graduation and College & Career Readiness.

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Exact Path Sample Lessons

Intervention (RtI/MTSS)

Exact Path includes valid and reliable adaptive diagnostic assessments to pinpoint students’ precise learning gaps and measure growth over time. Integrations with NWEA® MAP® and Renaissance® Star® are also available to kickstart learning using your existing data.

Each student's proficiency level is then used to personalize a learning path of pedagogically sound, K-12 curriculum. Third party ESSA tier II research confirms that students who complete at least 8 skills in Exact Path show significant learning gains.

Apex Tutorials


By pairing a qualified tutor with Apex Tutorials, Apex Courses and/or Courseware, we help students acquire skills and concepts from the previous grade so there is an immediate connection to on-grade learning (e.g., Algebra I, II, English 9, 10 and 11).

End-of-Course & Test Readiness

For students in need of extra support for EOC prep, and/or high-stakes college entrance or high school equivalency exams, we assign a tutor as they complete Courseware or Apex Tutorials.

This extra support helps with preparing for the ACT®, SAT®, ACCUPLACER®, TSI Assessment, GED®, HiSET®, and/or the TASC Test, to name a few.

Credit Recovery

Approximately 15% of students completing courses for credit continue to struggle, decreasing their chances of completing high school.

We add tutors to full course, unit, and targeted skill recovery to help these students in courses required for graduation.

Edmentum solutions are proven effective in driving outcomes

Programs help increase school ratings and improve graduation rates.

Exact Path

Statistically significant higher math, reading, and language arts achievement

Apex Learning

Significantly greater average scores on state ELA and math tests and a higher trending promotion rate


Outperformed the national average for GPA, ACT, and SAT

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