Build skilled readers with high-impact tutoring based on the Science of Reading

Littera provides virtual tutoring using From Phonics to Reading, the only comprehensive foundational skills program authored by Wiley Blevins, and published by Sadlier School.

High-quality instructional materials

From Phonics to Reading is built on the large, converging body of research from educational researchers, linguists, and others that focuses on how children learn to read proficiently.

The instructional materials meet the criteria for alignment to standards and research-based practices for foundational skills instruction.

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Systematic scope & sequence

Tutors follow a systematic instructional sequence, helping students move from the known to the new in a way that makes the new learning more obvious and easier to grasp.

Lessons include a review and repetition cycle so students achieve mastery.

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High-impact phonics routines

Tutors will focus student learning on high-impact routines:

  • Blending
  • High-frequency words
  • Word building
  • Dictation
  • Reading accountable text

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Application to authentic reading & writing experiences

Because students progress at a much faster rate when instructional time is spent on applying skills to authentic reading and writing experiences (vs. skill-and-drill), approximately 50% of a lesson is devoted to these exercises.

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High-impact tutoring with Littera

Our highly-trained tutors are ready to deliver these engaging lessons to your students.

Relationships First

Students meet with the same tutor for all of their sessions, building trust and rapport over time. Sessions are 1:1 or in groups of 3 or fewer.

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule tutoring at a time that works for your students. We recommend 3+ days a week, for 20-30 minutes per session.

Full Service

We handle lesson planning, scheduling, student rostering, program monitoring, and much more (so you don't have to).

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