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80% of students who dropout of high school cite course failures as their number one reason, and Algebra 1 is the course most frequently failed.

Students enrolled in high-impact tutoring using Saga Education's curriculum gain up to 2.5 years of additional math learning per year.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, based on a 5,000 student program in Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

Littera K-12 Math Tutoring Program

High-impact tutoring program, ESSA-rated program materials, customized for your school or district's specific needs.

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Multiple tutoring session per week with a consistent tutor to build math skills and confidence

Flexible scheduling allows for tutoring to be embedded into the school day or delivered after school.

Programs customized for your school or district, delivery personalized for every student

Tutors spend dedicated time in each session building meaningful connections that drive better outcomes for kids.

ESSA-rated, performance-raising curricula, aligned to state learning standards

High-Impact Math Tutoring

A Discussion of Industry Best Practices

Featuring Justin Serrano, Littera CEO and Founder, and AJ Gutierrez Saga Education Co-Founder, and Chief of Marketing

Evidence-Based Curriculum


Designed for high-impact tutoring or targeted interventions

Gain up to 2.5 years worth of math learning in one academic year, reducing math failures by as much as 63%

Differentiated problems and tools to support any learner, regardless of skill or proficiency

Content is integrated into the Littera Academic Support platform to simplify scheduling and delivery

Our partnership with Littera is about finding ways to take the evidence-based practices and resources that we use at Saga, and integrating them into the quality instruction that you're providing schools and districts.

AJ Gutierrez

Saga Education Co-Founder, and Chief of Marketing

More Data, Better Outcomes

Since everything about your program happens inside of the Littera TMS, we have more data and reporting to prove your program is achieving the desired results.

Monitoring Student Progress

The Littera Academic Support Platform captures the tutoring session feedback that program administrators need to monitor the progress of students enrolled in Littera-powered high-impact tutoring programs.

Districts can customize feedback questions posed to tutors to align to the district tracking model, and districts can create a targeted set of skills, that tutors can check off as evidence of student mastering a specific skill in the context of multiple tutoring sessions.

The Littera mobile app allows your tutors to track attendance, log feedback, and track skill progression in real time with a few simple taps.

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