Tutoring management made easy

The Littera Tutoring Management System (TMS) simplifies the work involved in virtual and in-person tutoring by automating scheduling, tutor-student matching, program management, and reporting.

Managing tutors, students, and sessions on spreadsheets?
There's an easier way

Littera’s platform and tutor app...ensure that tutoring [has] the biggest impact for students.

John-Paul Smith

Executive Director, North Carolina Education Corps

Simplify the hard work of
large-scale tutoring

The TMS automates scheduling, tutor-student matching, program management, and reporting.

Easily manage tutors

Upload unlimited tutor profiles in just a few clicks. Profiles show availability, skills, certifications, and more. Workflows are designed for ongoing schedule management and efficient tutor to student matching.

Customize tutoring programs

Define the curriculum, group size, tutor personnel, frequency, duration, and other details across tutoring programs.

Tutor via the
Littera Virtual Classroom

Our proprietary Littera Virtual Classroom gives tutors the interactive tools, lessons, and controls they need to keep students on track.

Engage every learner

Connect with students via live audio/video to build rapport and trust.

Individualize learning by assigning students their own tab of a lesson.

Leverage the Content Library to integrate any LTI-compliant curriculum.

Maintain full control & privacy

Tutors can mute learners, require or disable video, and lock pages to prevent unwanted noises or scribbles.

Only the assigned student(s) and the tutor have access to the session link, ensuring privacy for all.

Access real-time data and reporting at the session, program, district,
and national levels

Littera Insights is a customizable reporting platform tailored to provide actionable data for your organization's unique needs.

Slice & dice data

Littera Insights is a customizable reporting platform tailored to provide actionable data for your organization's unique needs.

With it, you gain visibility into tutor quality, student engagement, skills progression, and more, across locations.

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Set alerts for potential problem areas

Set up notifications when minimum thresholds for attendance or tutor quality are met.

Identify grade levels, times of day, programs, and individual students with problematic engagement, for quick response by program managers.

Screen showing tutor feedback in the Littera TMS

Review tutor feedback

As tutors log session feedback and skills progression, you can monitor the progress of students in real-time.

Screenshot of the Littera mobile app

Track in-person sessions on your smartphone

In-person tutors use the mobile app to mark attendance, log feedback, and track skill progression.

You can customize questions and skills to align to each program's tracking and curriculum model.

Onboard tutors, create your own district tutoring pool

Easily capture and share attendance data

Tutors manage their own schedules and availability

Track progress to program goals

Automate scheduling and notifications

Capture feedback and skills covered during tutoring

The Littera TMS makes running an in-person tutoring program dramatically easier and allows schools and districts scale programs to meet the needs of every student.

Stressed woman at laptop

Running in-person tutoring?

Managing a tutoring program without the right tools can be overwhelming.

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