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Full-Service Virtual Tutoring

For districts seeking remote tutoring support

30-minute session with background-checked tutor: $16.50

Pack of 50, 30-minute sessions: $800

Tutoring Management System, including Virtual Classroom (audio + video): $30/student seat/year

Dedicated Client Success Manager helps with staffing, scheduling, and monitoring: $2,000 one-time set up

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Tutoring Management System

For those staffing their own tutoring

Bulk upload of tutor profiles (paras, student teachers, etc.): $0/year

Tutoring Management System, including mobile app and Virtual Classroom: $30/student seat/year

Curriculum: $ varies by vendor

Set up and implementation: $2,000 one time

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The large average effects make [high-dosage tutoring] highly cost effective relative to many other educational interventions.


Accelerating Student Learning with High-Dosage Tutoring

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Pricing depends on the number of students you'd like to support, the curriculum you choose, and how you decide to staff. Complete the form and we'll be in touch!