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Online Tutoring Service

For districts seeking remote tutoring support

Littera’s trained, background-checked tutors

Virtual (audio + video)

ELA and/or Math Curriculum

Dedicated Client Success Manager helps with staffing, scheduling, and monitoring

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Enterprise Platform

For districts staffing their own tutoring

District tutors (paras, student teachers, etc.)

Virtual (audio + video) or in person

ELA and/or Math Curriculum

Littera Academic Support Platform manages scheduling, monitoring and reporting

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The large average effects make [high-dosage tutoring] highly cost effective relative to many other educational interventions.


Accelerating Student Learning with High-Dosage Tutoring

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Pricing depends on the number of students you'd like to support, the curriculum you choose, and how you decide to staff. Littera is uniquely able to design a tutoring program that works for your district. Fill out the form and we'll be in touch!