RWP Reading Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring curriculum by the Reading & Writing Project for accelerating literacy for K-6 students.

A group of children sitting a table during a tutoring session.

High-Dosage 1-on-1 or Small Group Tutoring

The RWP Units of Study in Literacy Tutoring are designed for children to receive tutoring sessions three to five times each week. The foundational sessions are 30 minutes each, while fiction and nonfiction sessions may stretch to 45 minutes, as students read silently (at their own pace) inside of these sessions. For the foundational reading units of study, we suggest that tutors work either one-to-one or with groups of two to three children. For the fiction and nonfiction units, we suggest that tutors work one-to-one when possible.

Three new instructional pathways based on current reading research

Foundational Reading

Explicit instruction in phonics and phonological awareness, high-frequency words, reading decodable and authentic texts.

10 modules

15-25 sessions per module

Fiction Reading

Moving students up levels of text complexity by strengthening reading comprehension, fluency, stamina, synthesis, and vocabulary.

3 modules

25 sessions per module

Non-Fiction Reading

Focus on knowledge generation, central ideas, supporting ideas with text evidence, synthesizing across texts, and reading critically.

3 modules

25 sessions per module

Assessments and Placement

The RWP Units for Literacy Tutoring includes pre- and post-tutoring formative assessments and placement guides to ensure that students receive the individualized academic support required to accelerate learning for young readers.

Engaging Texts

Students will move through the program using engaging, high-interest, texts to keep them excited to read.  All materials are available digitally for free, or physical copies can be purchased to build school-based libraries.


Use School Staff as Tutors

Many districts and schools are using their current staff, including literacy specialists, intervention specialists, paraprofessionals, aides, and teachers to deliver tutoring.

Volunteers And Tutors-for-Hire

The curriculum is highly scaffolded designed so that even tutors with no prior literacy training or experience in literacy tutoring can successfully tutor students in the program begin at once

Hiring Virtual Tutors

Districts may also choose to hire Littera tutors. All Littera tutors deliver tutoring virtually and have been trained directly by TCRWP staff before they are eligible to deliver the program.

Scheduling and Logistics

The RWP Units of Study in Literacy Tutoring is designed for children to receive tutoring sessions three to five times each week.

Tutoring During or Attached to the School Day

We recommend scheduling half-hour sessions with individual students during the school day during an intervention block, or right before or after school.

Tutoring Outside of School

For some school and family communities, it makes sense for students to meet tutors (in person or virtually) in their homes outside of school hours.

A rendering of a tablet and a laptop showcasing Littera software.

The RWP-Littera Partnership

RWP and Littera Education are an ideal match.  RWP brings its decades of experience to creating a high quality literacy tutoring curriculum like no other.  Littera’s unique tutoring technology platform ensures that schools and districts can support students on this high-dosage curriculum efficiently and effectively.

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