Headshot of Amanda


"I found that both of us loved artwork.I would share my artwork on the screen and she would do the same. In our last session together, she drew a picture that said, I will miss you…And had her stuffed animal help her read the book."

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"Each class she would wear something interesting and explain it...or tell me something interesting about her friends at school. As we continued this "tradition" her skills in reading improved as she felt more comfortable. Our classes were fun yet very effective in achieving her academic goals."

Headshot of Kati


"Sometimes you have to go, okay, you're interested in Batman. Let's look at a Batman comic book and just focus on that. And if that's gonna get you to read and get you to understand this concept that we're working on, you know, let's do it."

Relationships are the
foundation of learning

We believe every student deserves the care and attention of a great tutor. That's why Littera tutors spend dedicated time in each session building meaningful connections that drive better outcomes for kids.

All Littera Tutors have passed a rigorous background check, and receive ongoing training to become experts in any curriculum they teach, including the ones your district already uses.

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Human-to-human connection with live audio/video

Students meet with the same virtual tutor for the duration of their program, building rapport as they do with their classroom teacher.

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